Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Sister, My Friend

When my family moved from California to Washington I had to make a tough decision. Did I want my own room that was tiny or to share the big room with the wonderful bay window? I hadn't had my own room for very long and I wasn't sure if I wanted to give that up, but I also fell in love with the big room with the high ceiling and huge bay window.

Little did I know then what an important decision that was. I opted for sharing the big room with my youngest sister Brittany. We are seven years apart in age. I don't remember ever regretting my decision. Over the seven years that we shared a room we forged a bond that I believe can withstand anything. Even my getting married. ;)

Brittany is my sister, my friend, my confidant, my music guru, my angel, my reading buddy, my hero, and my shinning star. I honestly can't imagine life without her. I can think of countless experiences where she was there for me like no one else could be.

I went through three hard years in a row. By the end of those three years I was worn out and ready to give up. Literally. I remember laying in bed next to her (the big room was her own room now and I was home from college for a short time) wishing that God would send me an angel to help me find the desire to move forward in life. All of a sudden it hit me that He had already sent me the perfect angel and she was right next to me.

Happy Birthday Brittany!


Love you more than a million stars in the sky!


Brittany said...

Pretty sure I just teared up a bit. Sniff sniff. Love you too!!!

Thomas said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience!