Monday, May 6, 2013

Project Life 2013: Title Page

I know that I've shared a photo of my title page on Facebook via Instagram, but I thought I would share some close-up shots and why I chose to set it up the way that I did. It may seem simple, but the title page is actually usually the last part completed of the year being documented.

Title Page (Melissa Bell)

I based some of my cards off of other people's title pages that I found on Pinterest. I love scraplifting (using someone's ideas as a starting point) and making them work for me. With each Project Life kit comes cards to use for the title page. Not a single one made it onto the spread this year. That isn't normal for me but what I wanted to include just didn't allow room.

Somewhere on the title page you will always find the year being documented. The TWENTY 13 was cut on my cameo (die-cutting machine). I bought the shape in the Silhouette Store. The card that is backing it may have been one of the cards that was supposed to be used on the title page or back page. I added the hello epoxy sticker for a little embellishment. What can I say? I love adding dimension. :)

The C.S. Lewis quote was a freebie give by Elise Blaha Cripe. She actually designed one of the editions that came out early this year called Seafoam. This quote really sums up my hopes for this year. I am hoping that 2013 is very much different than 2012. It is just as difficult so far, for some of the same reasons and for some different ones. When my mom read the quote she mentioned how in the next life we will find better things. No. I'm talking about THIS year. That I left 2012 behind and that this year holds better things than I left behind.

The upper right card was very much inspired by someone else. The column of days was cut on my cameo. The black square is where I am planning on putting a photo. I'm thinking of a feet shot. I'm not sure why, but I have been in love with those shots for a couple of years. Maybe because it is a different way to show who is present. (Or it could be the fact that there is nothing I can complain about the way I look).  :)

The "At the Start" cards are actually from the Seafoam edition. I saw how someone used it, and I decided that I wanted a place where I could include where each of us are at the beginning of this year. I own the card digitally and pulled it into Photoshop Elements to change the colors so that they match with the other cards. There is a card for Tom, Chris and me. As I have mentioned before on Facebook via Instagram (I'm seeing a pattern here), this year Tom and I are including a third person's point of view. Chris has really become like family, so I asked him at the beginning of the year (or the end of last) if he wanted to take part, and he gladly accepted. I had each of us fill out a questionnaire, and that is what you will find on each of the cards though I added the cuddling question for fun. :) I also included a wood veneer on each card. In the scrapbooking world you will find those little people referred to as "Potty People" or "Restroom People" since they are the silhouette of what you will find on public bathrooms to indicate which bathroom is for the girls and which one is for the boys. Here are the cards close up:
Title Page-Chris (Melissa Bell)

Title Page-Melissa (Melissa Bell)
With my card you will notice that I've edited out some information. From time to time you may see me do that since my life is very much influenced by others, and I want to respect those boundaries.

Title Page-Thomas (Melissa Bell)

At the end of this year I hope to have us fill out similar questions and see how much has changed from January to December. This year will most definitely bring more changes.

The other card inbetween these will hold another photo. I'm thinking of a shadow shot with the three of us. Another go to photo shot for me. :)

The bottom left card will hold a headshot photo of us or something similar. I like including pictures taken actually during the year to include on the title page. I don't even think I have a photo of the three of us. The three flags say memories, hope & together. I chose to include the word hope because it is my One Little Word for this year.

The bottom right card is a saying cut with my cameo that I bought in the Silhouette store. It is something that I need to be reminded of often. I can get caught up in the doom and gloom and forget that there really are those out there that love me and are keeping me in their prayers. And ultimately I am loved by my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.


Rhonda Armstrong Bell said...

Very cool! Love the individual cards with the "highlights" and "looking forward to"s.

Thomas said...

I'm excited for this year's Project Life. It's the first time you've had the help of your Silhouette Cameo, though I imagine there will be parts of 2012 PL that end up with a few cuts as well. :)