Thursday, May 23, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 1

It is hard for me to believe that we are in week 21 of this year. In so many ways the time has dragged by slowly, and in others it has quickly passed by. I am behind on Project Life (no surprise there), but I actually do have more than just one week completed. :o)

Week 1-Left Side (Melissa Bell)

Some people start their weeks with Monday through Sunday. Sunday has always been the beginning of the week for me, so that is where each week starts. Now the first of this year was on a Wednesday. When I take the photo a day approach, I will put that picture in that day's slot. That meant that this year I had some extra spaces to fill at the beginning of the layout. It varies year from year what I fill it with. I usually don't worry about it until the end of the year, but this year I decided to tackle it first.

The top left card is a card that was designed to be used for the title page. I trimmed it because I wasn't a fan of the clock motif in the right bottom corner. I wanted to use the card though because it says "Living Life One Day at a Time." And that is exactly what I am doing with the help of loved ones.

Week 1-Close-up (Melissa Bell)

The orange card is one of Becky Higgins's freebies that can be found on her blog. It is her reason for creating Project Life products and very much influences the way she lives her life. "Part of Cultivating a Good Life is Celebrating the Little Things." And that pretty much sums up what Project Life is all about. By capturing the everyday moments I come to realize how important they are and how much they influence the big things in life.

Week 1-Left Side (Melissa Bell)

I am a lover of quotes, so don't be surprised to find them spread throughout my album. :o) I have been known to buy scrapbook paper and then want to create a memory so that I can use my new favorite product. Yes, that is a little backwards. Ha! I sometimes can get caught up in trying to get the best photo that I forget to really experience the moment. I have felt plenty of guilt for forgetting to snap a photo because I got too caught up in the moment. That is O.K. It means that I was living in the moment instead of worrying about capturing it on my camera.  I've learned that my favorite photos I have taken are ones that are candid and unplanned.

January 1st my parents, Tom and Chris paid a visit to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge. I picked three photos from the experience and had Tom do the journaling since I wasn't there. Two of the photos were taken by Chris I believe and one by my dad. (He loves capturing shots of birds.)

Week 1-Right Side (Melissa Bell)

January 2nd Chris drove my mom and I around Vancouver. I was on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans for Chris (part of his Christmas present). Chris learned quickly earlier last year that taking photos is important to me. If he is out and about with us he usually takes on the role of photographer. It is such a HUGE blessing because he gets shots that I never would. And yes I actually end up in some of the photos. :o)

January 3rd was quite a full day. Chris helped my mom put away some Christmas decorations, and a song came on that she loves, and she started to dance. My mom is known for her zest for life, and she had Chris join her, and he actually did! He was shocked that she actually knew how to dance (her father taught her). Chris also got his first experience chopping wood with my dad. I think Chris experienced many "firsts" with my family, and he was a great sport about it all. We also headed back to Eugene.

January 4th I made a trip to Kohl's. My youngest sister asked if I had gotten the new Dr. Seuss animals. I wasn't aware that they were the choice for Kohl's Cares for Kids at that time. They had different animals around black Friday. I was disappointed to find out that they were out of Horton. We have been wanting to add him to our ever growing collection. But I did bring home these two. The alligator is in Dr. Seuss's "ABC" book and the yellow one is in his "Sleep Book" (this story has the ability to make me tired and ready for bed). Tom was excited for both. For the journaling I had Tom write his top 10 reasons for loving Dr. Seuss. You will also note a tab that says, "Remember this*." It pulls out to share something kind Chris did for us that I felt was important to document and remember but that didn't have a photo to illustrate it.

Week 1-Close-up (Melissa Bell)

January 5th Tom made a trip to WinCo to stock up on groceries since we had been out of town and were running out of food. I found it funny that WinCo still had their Christmas paper bags for bagging groceries. I included the receipt and circled the total cost.

Week 1 Insert-Frong Side (Melissa Bell)

I had fun putting together the insert for week one. My brother-in-law got me to try "Draw Something," and before I knew it many of us were drawing pictures back and forth to each other. I like my inserts to be smaller than 12x12 so that they are sandwiched between the weekly layout. This page protector is Design F that I trimmed down. All the photos are screenshots that I took with my smart phone. I cropped them to 3x4 in Photoshop Elements.

Week 1-Backside of Insert (Melissa Bell)

The other side of the insert showing more of the drawings that were sent my way. I thought about putting what word was being drawn but thought it would be fun to look back and see if I could still guess them. :o) I just have to say my brother-in-law is amazing! I don't know how he draws such detailed photos and his screen is smaller than mine! I attribute it to the fact that he just finished up medical school. Ha!

Week 1-Close-up of Insert (Melissa Bell)

A close up of the top of the backside of the insert. I cut the card out on my cameo. I took a screenshot of the kind of options you are given of what to draw and cut it out. I wanted to show a little more detail on how "Draw Something" works. The harder the word the more coins you earn. If you collect enough coins you then can buy a new set of colors to draw with. It is nice having a game where I don't feel stupid. ;o)


LeaAnne said...

Gym & bug & knives ??& Aladdin or lantern?

Good jod friend!

Rhonda Armstrong Bell said...

Love it! Love the quotes! Love you!

Thomas said...

I love that week! It was fun watching all of you hovering over your phones, drawing and guessing others' drawings. I think you were all drawing with Nate too, except Chris. So much fun!