Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sketch Support

About a month ago I announced on Facebook that I was just accepted as a new member of the Creative Team for the website Sketch Support. Now I know most of you aren't scrapbookers and don't quite understand what this new team is all about. Thus this blog post is about what I will be doing for the next few months.

Allison Davis is a famous scrapbooker. She was a two-year member of Creating Keepsakes magazine's Dream Team (where I first came across her work), a CK Hall of Fame member and a Scrapbooker of the Year finalist. Allison is now known for her scrapbook sketches. They are awesome! What is a scrapbook sketch? I think it would be easiest to show you.

Here is an example of a one page layout sketch. If you were to go to the Sketch Support website and print it out you would see that it tells you the dimensions of everything on this layout. A great starting place for a layout. Each month Sketch Support provides four different sketches - card, two-page layout, one-page layout and add-on. Each day ideas are shared on how different members of the Creative Team use the sketch for that week.

This website is new as of this January and Allison held a Creative Team Call at the end of last year. I got one layout completed but then my grandmother passed away. Needless to say I found that going to my grandmother's funneral was more important than trying for the team. I figured that I would try out for it again in a year. Boy was I excited when Allison announced a couple of months ago that she wanted to add to the team! I was even more excited when I got an email from Allison saying that I made the team! To think that I got an email from a famous scrapbooker! :o)

My responsibilty is to create at least two projects a month based off of two of the sketches for that month. There are basically no rules. One of my main reasons for wanting to join the team is that it would get me to scrapbook for myself. I really don't scrapbook that much and when I do half the time it is for someone else. I'm in the process of working on July's sketches so soon I will be sharing those projects as they are shared on Sketch Support.

Here are the projects that I entered and the sketches I worked off of. Hopefully it will give you a better sense of what I will be doing each month.

Example of an Add-On Sketch. The sketch tells exactly how to make this cupcake and I decided to use it to decorate a gift bag.

Here is another example of a one-page sketch. I flipped it on it's side and changed up the placement of the  embellishments a bit. This was my first time weaving on a layout and I loved how it turned out! The pictures are not of me but of my youngest sister Brittany.

This is an example of a two-page sketch. Yep I did not use it to make a two-page layout. Can you see where I used the sketch? The area of the sketch with the stars is what inspired me to make this home decor project. I had so much fun making this frame! I finally used my new butterfly punches. There is only one problem. I have no idea where I should hang it.

So if you scrapbook or have friends that do share the Sketch Support website with them. All the sketches can be printed for free and each day there are new projects shared. A fun place to find a lot of inspiration!


Leslie said...

I love the butterflys!!!

Shari Thurman said...

Love you projects! You defiantly deserve a spot on the team. Can't wait to see all the beautiful project you'll be sharing.

Brittany said...

I love the cupcake bag and of course the layout of ME! Ha ha. I'm so self centered. ;)

Thomas said...

Oh my goodness these are wonderful! You did an excellent job using the sketches but adjusting them to the photographs or needs of the project. I was looking at the butterflies, and I know a perfect place on my wall to put that. It would look so wonderful!

Sandy said...

I love the butterflies. They are really beautiful, If you can't find a place for this one, I think I could help you out with that. Just kidding. I love Brittany jumping for joy that is really the kind of person she is. I liked how you flipped the sketch and adapted it to your own style. Good work.