Friday, July 8, 2011

So Long, Farewell

Today I mailed (well actually Tom did) off my last assignment for Craft Warehouse. It felt so good to get it done and sent off to the Vancouver store! I always seem to finish the assignment on or after the "due date". Life always seems to get in the way and then I get to enjoy the stress that goes with creating in a rush. Whew!

For this last assignment we had to create a 12x12 scrapbook layout, a 4"x4" canvas and then whatever we wanted to make with the supplies shipped to us. I made three bookmarks for my deisgner's choice. In my box of goodies came some pretty random stuff that at first I had no idea what to do with! Luckily I found a place for it all and in a way that I liked. On a couple of the other assignments I have gotten them done and then realized that I was missing something. It was so hard for me to change what I had made just to fit something that I thought wasn't needed. But it did provide a nice challenge.

Hard to believe that I have been on the 2010 Scrapbook Design Team for over a year now. In a way I'm glad that my term is up. It is really hard to create something that you love and then to turn around and ship it off to never see it again (unless I visited the store where it was displayed). I did enjoy the challenges, being part of an awesome team and recieving all the scrapbooking goodies in the mail. I worked with a lot of scrapbooking product that I normally wouldn't have bought or even really looked at.

Thank you to Craft Warehouse for the fun times! So long & farewell. Though this really isn't goodbye since I know I will be visiting the store (Salem or Vancouver) in the coming months. :)


LeaAnne said...

I love ya! I am always in awe of your creativity! I am sure this is a relief and a little heart tugging. You are so wonderful!!

Brittany said...

I love that first bookmark that goes over the corner of the page. So cute! How do I get one of those? ;)

Thomas said...

I love how you covered the branch with the vintagy paper. It looks really good. I also really like how you made the corner bookmark. On the layout I really like the pictures you chose. I also like how you organized the journaling spots among the small pictures. I also think that you are really pretty, assuming you're the girl in the pictures. I'm jealous of that other guy you're with.

Unknown said...

I really enjoy looking at your work. You are gifted at using just the right colors. I really like the log that you made for the bird to stand on very clever.

Rhonda said...

To comment on Thomas' comment: I also think that guy in the picture is pretty cute! ;) Sure do make a darling couple.

Melissa, you have the best eye for colors and patterns and the imagination on how to use them! Keep up the great work!

carizolli said...

I'm kinda sad that I wont be seeing any more Craft Warehouse projects! I'm a big fan of your work :)