Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Malt Shoppe Connection

The fall of 2003 both Tom and I moved into the BYU 8th ward. He lived in Continental Apartments and I lived in Belmont Apartments. He had gotten home from his mission not long before and I was returning to school after my mission experience. We both were excited to be back at BYU. I heard about Tom right off because my roommate's brother served with Tom in Denmark. I knew who he was though we never really moved in the same circles. He was known as the "tall" one in my apartment.

May of 2004 I found myself looking for a job and was referred to The Malt Shoppe by a close friend. I knew Tom worked there because of the few visits I had made over the school year. My first night working there was when Tom and I officially met each other. I was too nervous learning to make shakes without the ice cream covering me from head to toe to pay too much attention to him. Later it turns out that he felt bad for not being very friendly my first night at The Malt Shoppe and so I received a visit from him the following Sunday and a "love note".

I had already worked at The Malt Shoppe a long time. Of course, I was also a student at BYU, so I lived in a student ward. Well, one day the general manager, Vickie, tells me someone in my ward was just hired. That was exciting, so I asked what her name was. I recognized the name Melissa Ririe but couldn't put a face to it. Hey, at least I found out she was cute.

Over the next few months, we became good friends. We could even talk to each other about her guy problems and my girl problems. She became, I would say, one of my best friends. I even took her on a date once. After working with her for almost a year, I began to be a little interested. I couldn't say anything though, because she was Melissa and that would just be weird. Well, Vickie asked me one day if I would want to know if someone liked me. I asked her if it was Melissa and I was right.

Over the next seven months or so I came to know Tom better while working at The Malt Shoppe. I walked out on his DTR with his first girlfriend, was the first one to find out about his first kiss, and was always encouraging him to date the girls he liked. He always came to me to ask for advice about girls. AT the time I was dating someone seriously so I never had interest in Tom though I would flirt with him like all the girls at work did. My roommates would always tell me that Tom and I should get married and buy The Malt Shoppe. I told them over and over again that it would never work. He was too tall, a little on the naive side, and just not my type.

The beginning of this year (2005) I went through a difficult breakup after a nine month relationship. I extended my Christmas vacation to have the support of my family and during that time Tom emailed me and encouraged me to return to Provo. The end of February I returned to Provo and started to work at The Malt Shoppe once again. It was good to see him again at work and at church. I started flirting with him once again though I had my eyes on two other boys. One night after I had worked with Tom I went home and told my roommates that I felt like I had a crush on someone though I didn't think I really did, that I just felt that way. They wouldn't believe me and so started analyzing all the guys who I could possibly like. The most logical one was Tom. I was kind of shocked. It had never entered my mind that I could like Tom. The more I thought about it over the weekend the more I thought it could be true. I decided to talk to Vickie and see what she thought. She was very encouraging and said that it would hurt to investigate my feelings for Tom.

I was busy with school at the time, so things didn't proceed too quickly until graduation. We held hands the night after commencement and kissed not two weeks later. I was a bit taller than her, so we walked to the top of some stairs at BYU overlooking Provo. It took me half and hour, but I finally gave her a quick kiss. Moments later, she gave me the best kiss I'd ever had.

The next week I think was when we hiked Provo Canyon. Altogether we hiked over 10 miles, but it was worth it. It was the best date I'd ever been on. We got stuck in a rain storm. Fortunately, there was an abandoned mine shaft across the trail where we found shelter for the next hour or so. That night, I told Melissa I loved her. That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Not long after that, we were shopping for her wedding ring. We wanted to get a three-stone setting, but when she tried on the ring, we changed our minds. But then she knew when the ring was going to be ready. She can read me like a book, so I didn't know how to surprise her. I had her cousin Josh 'accidentally' tell her it would be ready on Thursday. Well, on May 17th Melissa and I went for a little walk in the rain about 1am. I stopped her in the middle of the street under a street lamp and started to get down on one knee. She thought I was trying to kiss her, so when I was too low she exclaimed "You missed!" So I kissed her then got down and asked Melissa to be my bride. It was the happiest moment in my life.

I was surprised when Tom got down on one knee. I just kept saying "No Way!" over and over again. Luckily he didn't take that as my answer but since I was in shock, I can't say that I remember what he said exactly. I'm not even sure if I said yes but somehow it ended with the ring on my finger and us being engaged. Now we find ourselves starting a new journey together.

It is hard to believe that Tom and I have only been married six years. The years have passed quickly by. I am very thankful for a Heavenly Father who opened my eyes to who was right in front of me all along. I'm also thankful to my friends who got me to think of Tom as more than just a friend. I'm thankful to Tom for the best six years of my life so far. I look forward to spending forever with you. Love you always and forever!


LeaAnne said...

I love this post! Totally made me cry! What a great story you two have! :) I am so glad for you both! You each did a great job picking out a spouse!!!

Thomas said...

They have been my favorite 6 years. I love you!

Susan said...

I remember when I found out you guys had kissed and I just couldn't believe it, but then when I saw you guys together it just made sense. You are a wonderful couple. Happy 6 years!

Ariane said...

What a great story. I loved hearing both sides.

Brittany said...

So mushy! ;)

carizolli said...

Awe. I love hearing how-we-met stories! And it was extra cute since it was from both perspectives. I loved it!

Happy (belated) Anniversary to you both :)

Jen Allyson said...

Just came over from the MME blog, congrats! And what an adorable story! I love The Malt Shoppe, and this brought back tons of memories of my BYU days