Monday, October 17, 2011

My Mind's Eye September Newsletter

My Mind's Eye sends out a newsletter each month. They typically showcase one of their newer paper lines. The design team shares layouts, cards, home decor ideas, etc. I have been getting them for the last few months and I really enjoy all of the inspiration.

I was asked to take the one-page sketch that was shared and turn it into a card and a two-page layout. At first I thought it would be a piece of cake because of all the projects I've been doing for Sketch Support. I take sketches almost weekly and manipulate them for my different projects. Well I really struggled with the layout because Sketch Support has spoiled me! Allison's sketches list all of the dimensions and most other sketches do not. So I finally had to ask for Tom's help to figure out what sizes every part of the layout should be to make it work. So THANKFUL for Tom and his support of my crazy hobby! :) He also helped me write up the instructions to make the card and layout.


These pictures are from last Halloween. Like I mentioned in the post below we make sure to carve a pumpkin every year. I guess that this would be pumpkin #6. :) We used a pattern from a book though I'm thinking this year we should come up with our own deisgn.


This card was much easier to put together than the layout. As you can see I used the witch again. :) I mailed this card to my sister, Brittany, earlier this month. She loves the witch too! So she is being enjoyed all month long by her.

If you are interested in seeing the newsletter let me know and I will send it to you via email.


Thomas said...

The layout turned out awesome! I am really impressed with you. I really like how you did the two sides of the page. Even though they are 12 inches apart, it all comes together coherently. Good job!

Brittany said...

You guys do some legit pumpkin carving!