Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to School

Typically when the kids in Eugene start school again it doesn't change much for me. The biggest changes in the past have been that I need to remember to slow down in front of the school on my way to Ben Franklin's and just that there aren't many kids out and about during the day.

This year is different. Bryce is now in kindergarten and he goes everyday all day long. That means on Thursdays it is just Jos and me. There are pros and cons about this new arrangement.

  • I am less tired at the end of the day. I'm not running around trying to entertain a 5 year old boy.
  • I get some time with just Jos which I love!
  • I get some time to myself when Jos goes down for her nap. I sometimes get caught up on some sleep myself.
  • It is a lot more quite around the house. I miss interacting with Bryce.
  • I miss watching Bryce and Jos interact. They get along so well (usually) and it is so fun to watch them play together and just cuddle on the couch while watching Nick Jr.
  • Getting the boys off to school is sometimes a challenge especially when Jos starts crying hysterically when Bryce is getting ready to head out the door.
One of the biggest changes is going to start taking place next week when Tom starts school. Tom in the past hasn't taught or had classes on Thursdays. It has been a huge blessing to have him come and play with Bryce in the late afternoon when I'm worn out. Bryce always looks forward to playing with Tom.

This term Tom teaches Thursday afternoons and so he won't be able to visit us anymore. I'm going to miss having him visit and I know Bryce is not going to be happy when I have to tell him each Thursday that Tom is not coming over to play. Bryce doesn't understand why Tom has to be at school when school should be over since he is done with school for the day. :)
Even though change is sometimes hard I am so thankful that the biggest change to come is still a couple of months away. There is still time to make memories and time to enjoy "my" kiddos. :)


Thomas said...

Such a cute pic! I'm sorry I work so late on Thursdays. :-(

Still, I love you! Have fun this school year!

LeaAnne said...

It is such a change. When our kids (Sam at least) started school Rune worked at a 12 hour a day job. I hated that the kids never saw him. When things changed and he started working from home it was Such a blessing!! I don't know what I would do I have come to rely on him always being here. I love Mondays because Lilly doesn't have school that day and it is just us and her.. That darling time means the world to me.