Friday, September 2, 2011

Fort Stevens

I am so behind on blogging. :) Part of me just wants to share links to my sister's blog so I can just be caught up! I am not so sure she would like that though. So here we go...

After eating at the Bowpicker in Astoria we went to visit Fort Stevens. Before checking out the bunkers we stopped to see the shipwreck on the beach. It was fun to take pictures and take a walk along the shore.

Brittany and my mom

Brittany was clever and put her flip flops in her back pockets. Don't have to worry about holding them or losing them. Genius!

I'm a big fan of jumping pictures! I'm not really sure why. :)
Kimber, Brittany & Me

It was so fun to have Spencer along on this trip. It is nice to have someone else taking pictures too! Plus that means I actually end up in some of them. Thanks Spence!

It still was a lot of fun to run around Fort Stevens even as an adult. There were some girls running about and they kept trying to scare us. :)

This is a great place for spying on people without them knowing you are there.

Brittany jumping for joy or maybe because I told her too. :)

Well since I made Brittany do it I decided I better jump for joy! Plus it will be fun to scrapbook.


Thomas said...

Love how you are all at the same height in the beach picture as I stand in the middle towering all of you. :)

kari anderson said...

I love the jumping pic with Kimber and brit its perfect!

Rhonda said...

You gals really got some air!!

Brittany said...

I am a flip flop genius!

Pat Triplett said...

Your HIGH-JUMPING pictures are awesome! Glad you had a FUN birthday with family!!!

Christina said...

This totally reminds me of the Japanese Garden Picture from a few years ago! Except I cannot jump that high. Way to go! I'd like to think i got you into jumping pictures :)