Friday, September 2, 2011


Our final destination was Seaside. It has been years since I've visited this beach. I had forgotten how busy it is! Our first stop was The Candyman a shop that boasts having 170+ flavors of salt water taffy.

I think this was my first visit to The Candyman. I don't remember ever going here before but I could be wrong. Look at all this salt water taffy!

Brittany was in 7th Heaven! Brittany spent a little over $10. I should ask her if she has any left. :)

I assumed that Tom & I would be sharing a bag. Nope! It took me a while to realize why Tom didn't share. He doesn't like fruity flavors and I LOVE them. Between the two of us we spent close to $20! One of my favorite flavors was Black Widow. It is a combination of cinnamon and black licorice. Yummmy!

We also got ice cream as well as the salt water taffy. Ice cream is a big weakness of mine! If I lived in Seaside I would visit this ice cream shop everyday and try every single flavor. Good thing I don't live in Seaside huh? ;)

After all that sugar it is a good thing that we took a long walk along the shore. I love the feel of the waves coming in and going out.

The perfect end to a perfect day! So glad that we were all able to visit the beach together. This is one trip I will always remember. Thank you Mom, Dad, Spencer, Kimber & Brittany for making this day so special! Love you!


Rhonda said...

I wanna go to the Candyman! John LOVES salt water taffy, and he'd really, really enjoy it!

Brittany said...

I have eaten all my salt water taffy! :)

Thomas said...

I did love that Salt Water Taffy. It was really good. I think my favorite were the Black Widow and the Chipotle. Yum, yum yum!!!

Susan said...

That store looks amazing. I love salt water taffy!