Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Sawyer turned one on July 6th. Hard to believe that he is that old now! Christina stayed with Tom and I for a week in May and then spent another month with my parents in Battle Ground. Tom and I were able to go up to BG and stay for a week to hang out with Christing and Sawyer some more. We decided to celebrate Sawyer's birthday a little early and throw a cake smash party. My cousin is a professional photographer and so I got a lot of the ideas from some photos she took of her daughter's cake smash.

When I saw this two-page sketch I knew that it would be perfect to capture my favorite photos that my dad took of Sawyer and his first cake. I love how it has a focal photo and then tons more photos.

To get a copy of the sketch go visit Sketch Support. Lots of great examples are being shared this week of how to use this sketch.

Click on the photo to see it in more detail.

Variation #1 - Instead of stitching lines across the pictures and embellishment squares I just stitched around each embellishment square. That took more than enough time!

Variation #2 - I omitted the brackets on the embellishment squares. My paper strips take up quite a bit of room so the brackets would have been lost.

Variation #3 - I stitched around the large bracket on the left side of the page. I think it adds some subtle definition.

My strips list 10 things about Sawyer at age one.


LeaAnne said...

You did you great! I love that layout!

Thomas said...

I really liked how you popped out the 10 things about him when he turned 1. The added dimension really makes the LO great. Love Sawyer!!