Monday, September 5, 2011

Thirty, Flirty, & Thriving

It is hard to believe that I'm the BIG 3-0! Of course there isn't much of a difference between 29 and 30 but it just sounds A LOT older. I can remember when my older cousins started turning 30. I thought they were so mature and smart. I am definitely not feeling that way! :)

I decided to spend my birthday in Florence, OR. It is on my mental bucket list for Eugene and I thought it would be a fun outing. I am very lucky that my mom and BFF Kari were able to drive down to spend the weekend with us. We also got Tom's office mate Chris to join us and he is a lot of fun to have around.

Chris brought his frisbee with him and we had fun throwing it around. Chris and Tom are far better at frisbee than my mom and me. Good thing they are patient.

The water was pretty cold! But since I grew up swimming in the nearby rivers I didn't mind it...too much.

My mom is good at spotting sand dollars. We weren't expecting on finding any whole ones but we did! Tons of shells on the beach that had been left by the seagulls.

Another fun find made by Tom. He saw them burrowing in the sand and was able to grab one. We enjoyed putting it down on the sand and then watching it dig away. Then we would grab at it again and repeat. I don't think it enjoyed as much as we did.

I was wanting to visit the lighthouse and the beach nearby but it was closed. Just means we will have to take another trip to Florence in the future.

Kari and I have been friends since I was 11! I am so thankful that she was willing to come spend the weekend with me. Love you Kare!

We ate lunch at Mo's! Boy was it yummy! I'm not a seafood person but I do love fish and chips. The exciting part was that my mom was able to find something on the menu that she could eat.

After lunch we went down on the dock and watched people go crabbing. It was fun to watch them pull the baskets up and see how many they had caught. I can now tell the difference between a male crab and a female crab. I'm sure that new found knowledge will come in handy. :)

Ice cream is a must for me! We stopped at BJ's to cool off. So many yummy flavors. It was hard to choose just two! Thanks LeaAnne for suggesting it!

My birthday treat was a homemade blackberry pie made by my mother. Delicious! I pretty much get the whole thing to myself since Chris & I are the only ones who will/can eat it.

A trip to the beach = dirty feet. I got out the foot scrub and let our feet have it.

Here is to hoping for a most fabulous year of being 30!


Brittany said...

So fun! I love how you and kari are matching.

Ariane said...

Happy big 3-0! I'm loving your new blog!

Thomas said...

Fun day! The crusacean is Emerita analoga and has two common names: Pacific Sand Crab or Pacific Mole Crab.

Anyways, it was all very fun!

Christina said...

Glad to hear that you ate blackberry pie! My mouth is watering just thinking about mom's pie! I need an excuse to make it. When are you coming to visit me?