Friday, July 15, 2011

Healing in Her Wings

This little girl sure knows how to put a smile on my face. She also has the ability to mend my bruised heart. I went to work yesterday feeling very heavy hearted. Josalyn isn't overly cuddly now that she is totally mobile, but yesterday she stuck by my side for most of the day. If I was sitting down she was either in my lap or sitting right beside me. She is usually only like this if she is sick and then she is grumpy at the same time. Even when Tom came to visit us she would have nothing to do with him which is unusual.

The best part of my time spent with Jos was her spontaneous hugs. She had me pick her up a couple of times just so she could give me a hug. A hug from Jos means you get a tight squeeze and then a couple of pats on your back. LOVE them! I can never get enough of them so when she gives me a hug boy do I feel loved. I left work yesterday with a smile on my face and a light heart.


LeaAnne said...

I love that feeling! She is a cutie pie!

Tom said...

Yeah, why would she not want to play with me? I always have so much fun, and she did enjoy it when I tossed her a couple times. Still, when I put her down, she went running back to you. She is super cute!

Brittany said...

What a cutie! Now I can finally put a face to the name!

Sandy said...

Jocelyn is so cute. She gave me the sweetest hug when I visited her last. It brought tears to my eyes to read your post. I love children because they give unconditional love.