Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Week in the Life: Thursday

I am thinking that it is time for bed. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I am thankful to be able to spend each Thursday @ the White's. Love Bryce and Jos.

I am eating Chinese food for dinner. Tastes kind of bland today.

I am learning how hard it is to get a good pic of Jos. She moves so much!

I am writing down a conversation I heard between Hannah & Bryce.

I am creating Oobleck for the kids to play with.

I am going to miss seeing the kids next week.

I am reading The Foundling by Lloyd Alexander.

I am hoping to finish my Sketch Support card tomorrow morning.

I am hearing Jos talk to herself in  her crib. Guess she isn't quite ready for her nap yet.

I am buying the fact that Jos is super sweet & smart. Love her! (Can't say that enough!)

I am texting Chelsea, Lelsie, Brittany & Kari.

I am watching Nick Jr. I love Miss Spider, Olivia & Backyardigans!

On my facebook page you won't find anything for today. I didn't get on at all. (See I'm not addicted!)

One of my favorite things is getting pats on my back from Josalyn.

The one morning where I actually get up before Tom during the school year. Lately I've been getting up before him.

Josalyn just waking up. It takes her a few minutes and a couple of hugs before she is ready to face the day.

Bryce is typically awake before I get to work, but now that it is summer it isn't always the case.

I don't get very many photos of Connor. I'm guessing he spent the whole night on the couch.

Breakfast for Sister (one of Josalyn's nicknames).

Breakfast for Bryce. He loves peanut butter & jelly. It is one of the few things he will actually eat.

Hannah spent a couple of hours with us this morning. I think Jos loved having another girl around.

Playing in Bryce's room. He isn't as big of a fan of Thomas the Train as he once was.

Goofing in front of the camera. Jos loves staring at the camera and seeing the pictures I take but hasn't grasped the idea of smiling for the camera. :)

Thomas trying to get the kids to play with the Oobleck. They were actually scared of it.

Tom is good at teaching kids bad habits. I was eating Life cereal on the couch when Sister came up and watched me eat. Tom grabbed some Life and dipped it in my rice milk and then let her eat it. It only took a couple of moments for her to grab the Life cereal herself and start dipping it in my milk. At that point I moved my bowl to the kitchen and let Tom and Jos go at it.

Baby tears. Jos tripped and fell. I went to pick her up but stopped and grabbed my camera first. Just so you know I don't typically do that unless it is a tantrum. Jos was fine. :)

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. I have quite a few games on my iPod Touch for the kiddos. Josalyn's favorite game is Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. I just have to say monkey and she goes running for the iPod.

Josalyn loves feeding me even when I don't want her to. I guess I can't blame her since I'm constantly trying to get her to eat. She is becoming a picky eater like her brothers.


Brittany said...

Josalyn is so cute!

Sandy said...

Josalyn is so adorable even when she is crying!

Thomas said...

The Oobleck was really fun. Connor liked it, but the 4 and 5-year olds were so scared of it they wouldn't play with it. So sad.