Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week in the Life: Sunday

I am thinking that I am glad that it has finally cooled down. I felt hot and groggy all day.

I am thankful for Jaime Bergeson and all that she does for us as our Primary Chorister. It is so nice not to have to do sharing time completely on my own.

I am eating not very much today. It is too hot! I need to drink more water.

I am learning that the primary room is a relaxing and peaceful place to listen to the talks during sacrament meeting.

I am writing all that I've done today.

I am creating scrapbook layouts that I got in the June Super Sketch Club kit.

I am going to make sure not too sleep in too late tomorrow morning though I'm not making any promises.

I am reading a new blog that I came across today. A House of Cards has some bright and beautiful card ideas.

I am hoping that I won't melt into nothingness tomorrow.

I am hearing the constant clicking of Tom play Frontierville on the laptop.

I am buying nothing today as it is Sunday.

I am texting Whitney, Leslie & Mom. Love them all!

I am watching Hogan's Heroes with Tom. We love Shultz!

On my facebook page you will find that my status reads: Melissa Ririe Bell is thankful that the sun has gone down. It got a little too hot for me today.

One of my favorite things is to be done with sharing time for today and being able to relax the rest of the day.

Tom spends time in the morning practicing the hymns that he will be playing in church.

Tom always opens the car door for me. :)

We made it to church a little early but not early enough for me to finish setting up the primary room.
Primary room all ready to go! I actually finished during sacrament meeting but I did listen to the talks!

Our choice in footwear today.

Proof that I did my makeup today. :)

We made zucchini fries for lunch. Yummy!

Late afternoon nap. I could not stay awake any longer!

Tom spent lots of time playing Frontierville on Horton (our laptop).

Me being crafty! Well actually just putting together a preplanned page.

Nighty Night!


Rhonda said...

You sound bushed! Hope you DID sleep in today!

Thomas said...

Real good day I say. Yay for cameras!