Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Week in the Life: Friday

I am thinking that I will try and stay up tonight for Tom. I may be able to make it to 2:30am.

I am thankful for Netflix instant watch. I am watching Hannah Montana from beginning to end (not all tonight).

I am eating Cold Stone. I love Cake Batter with raspberries!

I am learning that I haven't been very patient lately. Moments of tears for no real good reason.

I am writing the info to go with my Sketch Support Card. Off it goes to Allison Davis via email.

I am creating pages from the June kit. They are helping me to stay awake.

I am going to Ben Franlin Crafts today! All there patterned paper is 25% off and I also have a coupon for 10% off my entire purchase.

I am reading the recipe for Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins. Making the batter now for tomorrow morning.

I am hoping that I remember to do all that I need to get done tomorrow.

I'm hearing Colbie Caillat's new cd. Love the song "Brighter Than the Sun".

I am buying allergy medication. Hope it helps. Tom wants me to try the equate brand. He loves getting the cheaper version of things.

I am watching Hannah Montana Season 1 episodes 1-12. (Remember I'm trying to stay awake here!)

On my facebook page you will find Frontierville requests. Yep I played today.

One of my favorite things about today was being able to relax, read, scrapbook, and spend time with Tom.

Tom fixing his flat tire. It has been a little frustrating for him. He patched the bike tube but it was still going flat. Finally just replaced it.

Our second trip to Walmart this week. It is the closest store so we run here often when we need something.

Getting gas in Springfield.

A quick trip to Michaels to get some white cardstock. I think 250 sheets will last me quite awhile. At least I hope so!

My favorite craft store in the area! Ben Franlin Crafts is the place to go. They don't know my name but they recognize me. I drag Tom with me so I can use two coupons. They asked him one time if he scrapbooks too! :)

Bought this shirt at Ross. We went to the mall to see if they had black licorice ice cream out. They didn't so we thought we would stop at Ross.

I think I need to visit Cold Stone every week. Actually maybe every day!

Borders is near Cold Stone so we thought we would check out their sales. We are really going to miss them. These are the books we left with. I could have bought a lot more but refrained myself from doing so.

I craft on the floor. More room to spread everything out around me. The only thing is that my back can only take it too long before it starts hurting.

What Tom is working on. Does it make sense to you? Looks like Greek to me! Oh wait I think I do see some Greek letters.


Brittany said...

cute shirt! i haven't been to cold stone in ages. I need to go!

Sandy said...

I love that blouse. It looks fso feminine and cool for the summer. I wish I had one just like it.

Thomas said...

It is greek. You will notice plenty of alphas and thetas, all lower-case.