Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Week in the Life

The last couple of weeks have been emotionally draining for various reasons. I have felt like I'm standing at the edge of a cliff about to fall off and land who knows where. I guess the best way to put it is that I've been feeling blah and edgy. But overall the last couple of weeks have been good. I have spent some time with good friends and have gotten a lot of crafty projects completed. So my time has not been wasted but I haven't been really present in the moment.

My One Little Word for this year is Treasure. For those of you unfamiliar with one little word Ali Edwards puts it best:

"Essentially the idea is to choose a word (or let it choose you) that has the potential to make an impact on your life. Maybe you want to invite something or maybe you are hoping to subtract something. Maybe your word will be practical or hopeful or creative or fanciful. Maybe you need a big word, something in-your-face that will challenge you everyday. Maybe you need something smaller and quieter that will whisper gentle tidings as you make your way throughout the year."

So for 2011 I chose the word treasure. I want to treasure each moment for what it is. I want to treasure the relationships that I have. I want to treasure the changes that come my way. I want to treasure the scriptures. I want to treasure life. I think I have lost track of treasuring each and every moment and making the most of what comes my way. To help me become more focused I've decided to join Ali Edwards and countless others on documenting Week in the Life. Here is Ali's description:

"A seven-day documentary project, Week In The Life is an annual opportunity to capture the simple everyday details of your life with photos and words. The albums I’ve created using the basics outlined below are some of my most treasured in that they are wonderfully true representations of my family’s life at a particular point in time. From the mundane to the profound, it’s those simple little everyday moments that I treasure most."

Starting tomorrow I am going to be documenting with photos and words each day this week. I am going to be living in the moment and be looking for all that I have to be grateful for.


Leslie said...

I like these ideas...cant wait to find time to do some blogging myself... good job.

Matthew 6:21 said...

"For Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Heart Be Also,"

Rhonda said...

Ditto the last comment.