Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zoe the Zebra & Giveaway Winner

I have had all the parts of Zoe crocheted for a few months now but never took the time to put her together. My least favorite part of crocheting amigurumi is sewing the animal together. My perfectionism comes out in full force. I sometimes sew on an arm or leg a dozen times before I'm happy with its placement. I always have to have Tom's opinion before I hide the lose ends. But all the work and frustration usually pays off! :)

Crocheting Sammy the Snake reminded me how much I love to crochet. It was time to finish Zoe! You may wonder why Zoe is purple and white instead of black and white. My sister, Brittany, gave me the idea. She LOVES the color purple so Zoe is going to be her pet zebra. Lucky for me she will be visiting the beginning of August so I can hand deliver Zoe to her.

Janice Cyr is the the creator of the zebra pattern. I love all of her work! She is truly talented. She has an etsy shop where you can buy her patterns. So far I have made the zebra, giraffe (twice), monkey, panda bear, and elephant. I think I am going to make the unicorn next.

Now on to the winner of Sammy the Snake. For some reason I always get nervous when Tom is about to draw a name. I wish you all could win! Sammy the Snake is going home with... Brittany! Congratulations Britt! Hope you give Sammy a good home. :)


Leslie said...

Love this...I have to comment so you know I read your blog!

Thomas said...

Well, congratulations Britt for winning the Snake. Don't you get the Zebra too? Lucky girl. These are super cute. I really love the buttons helping hold Zoe together. They are the perfect button choice.

TraciandBradley said...

That is SOOO cute Melissa! You are so talented. I want one! :)

Rhonda said...

Really cute!!

sandy w said...

wow! you are sooooo talented. i love looking thru all that you have done. sorry it took so long for me to check this out.